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If you are ready to write or update your resume, you’ve come to the right spot. Our career experts walk through a variety of resume formats, job objectives, and creating the best resume for your career goals.

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911 Dispatcher Resume Objectives

The employment opportunities of a 911 dispatcher are specific only to the police, fire department, hospitals and third-party contact centers that handle emergencies for these three types of organizations. Since the job of dispatchers is to relay emergencies to the proper authorities, the following 911 dispatcher resume objectives are very similar in nature, except for […]

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Adding Certifications To Resume

How does one add certifications to a resume? Chances are, if you are working on your resume, you want to present as much applicable information as possible-to up the chances of your resume getting the positive information that it deserves, and you getting at least an interview for the position that you are interested in. […]

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Adding Freelance Work To Resume

Do you know how to add freelance work to your resume? Or how important it is to do it correctly? If you are like most, and you have done some freelance work between jobs at companies; you have no idea how to include this information, so that your time off looks like it should: the […]

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Buyer Resume Objectives

Buyers work closely with people from all walks of life since their job is to buy products on behalf of a company. This position is available in many industries, but is mostly offered in retail or fashion industries and any other companies that sell products. When drafting your resume, make sure your buyer job objective […]

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Call Center Resume Objectives

Call Center jobs mainly focus on customer service, but not all positions require answering calls. Other positions like quality assurance, e-mail support, technical representatives, and back-office teams, among others may require lesser or additional requirements. Write your resume with the appropriate call center job objective specific to your chosen position. 1.With over 2 years of […]

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Cancellation Letter Format

Following a cancellation letter format is critical when you are putting a cancellation letter together because including some incorrect information could be the difference between cancelling or not. You can follow our cancellation letter format here to make sure that you get this important document exactly how you need it.Date: Contact InformationName of Cancellation department […]

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Cancellation Request Letter Format

If you are writing a letter for the purpose of cancelling some sort of contract then you need to closely follow a cancellation request letter format. This is because there are several critical facts that need to be included in these letters such as contract codes and invoice numbers from when you purchased said contract. […]

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Caregiver Resume Objectives

Caregivers are experienced personnel responsible for taking care of people unable to care for themselves, such as babies, toddlers, physically or mentally disabled people, and the elderly. While some caregivers are practicing nurses working in a care center, others are caregivers by profession through certifications or experience. The caregiver job objective you write on your […]

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Casual Business Letter Format

This is a letter that you might write to someone who you work with on a fairly regular basis, or you might only have been in correspondence with them for a short time, but you feel ready to relax the situation to a certain degree. It is always helpful to use a casual business letter […]

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Clerical Resume Objectives

Clerical jobs often refer to office-based positions that provide administrative support to a department or organization. While clerical jobs are available in almost all industries, the main responsibilities like answering phones, performing data entry, keeping schedules, filing, and minor bookkeeping remain the same. Additional tasks may be required depending on specializations, so indicate in your […]

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Crafting an AA Degree Emphasis on Your Resume

Some people wonder whether they should include their Associate of Arts (AA) degree on their resumes, and if so, how they should go about including these degrees in order to emphasize their usefulness. As a general rule, AA degrees should, in fact, be included, since they reflect intellectual curiosity and advanced education. What follows are […]